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High Tech companies are characterized by discontinuous innovations, which bring about paradigm shifts and promise advantages to business that were never possible before. Unfortunately, these paradigm shifts, as promising as they are, often require replacing the entire investment in the old setup, only to be replaced by yet another innovation in not-so-distant future. Marked by radical changes, this industry has something unique about it, that only some, if any, industries would match. Being used to drinking the same Coke or driving the same (well almost) cars for last many decades, how does the market respond to such a dynamic industry, where a new paradigm renders the old one obsolete in a matter of just 3 years. Better known as the Technology Adoption Cycle, the market response to such high tech products is nothing short of fascinating.

Crossing The Chasm

In the battle for market share, unfortunately, its not the best technology that always wins. What does and why? The last few decades have witnessed major turn arounds in high tech companies, new players suddenly come to limelight, and seasoned ones disappear for good. Crossing the Chasm is all about understanding the high tech market dynamics. In this interesting read, Geoffrey Moore shows the various phases of the Technology Adoption Cycle, and illustrates with examples of real companies, the marketing strategy during each phase. One of the most startling revelation is the complete reversal of marketing strategy required during each subsequent phase of the cycle. He discusses the Chasm between the initial and the mainstream markets in which many high-tech fortunes have been lost for good, and describes the strategy to crossing it successfully.

Inside The Tornado

In this fascinating sequel, Inside the Tornado, Geoffrey Moore discusses the post chasm period comprising of profit rich niches and hyper growth mass markets, which often bring a tornado of opportunities for the enterprise. He illustrates the effects of the Technology Adoption Cycle beyond marketing, on overall business planning, especially strategic partnerships, competitive advantage, positioning and organizational leadership. To quote Steve Jobs, founder and CEO, NeXT Computer, Inc. "The Chasm is where many high-tech fortunes have been lost... the Tornado is where many have been made."

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom

I was referred to this book by a friend, and found it truly worth a recommendation. In The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, Suze Orman has discussed some of the important aspects of our financial lives, in an extremely simple and layman's language. It gives good details wherever required, and many of those details can be put to use immediately. If you are an American citizen, or intend to become one, this could be one of your prized possessions. Others might find it equally interesting, except for some details.

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Well, there are a few more books that I have found immensely engrossing and useful, and I would share my views about them soon. Meanwhile, feel free to visit the largest online repository of books to whet your reading appetite.

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