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My Photography Page

The Making of an Amateur Photographer

It started with a small Fuji point and shoot camera, back when I was a fresher in IIT Kanpur. Little did I know about photography then. The notions of composition, color temperature, over/under exposures, depth of field, angle of vision, ... blah ... blah ... were foreign to me. Like most newbies, I believed that the camera sees exactly like the human eye. My interest in photography went public with a catastrophy. I shot some pictures during a college celebration in the night, with my point 'n shoot, and got a lot of customers. The results were washed in the color of the night. Yes, pitch dark, most of them. Little I knew about the guide number of a flash. While it was embarrasing, it did get me noticed, for good. Amit Deshpande, the cultural secretary, saw a budding amateur and soon I was the official secretary of the Photography Club. It took a Yashica Electro 35, a few good books including the Complete Kodak Book of Photography,  tips and tricks from some amateurs including Professor Satish Mullick, a ton of films, and a lot of experimentation, some real life ones, to get me going. It soon followed with some of the better SLRs, mostly manual, and another ton of pictures. I was well on my way, and enjoying.

On popular demand (here's the proof), I went through the joy of scanning some pictures that I had handy at the moment. I invite you to visit my photo albums back from my college days.

IITKIITK Campusmania Collection

AbstractAbstract Shots

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