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Class XII-I:public DPS{


//Members whose photograph is mapped to their homepages



//Members whose photograph is not mapped to their homepage

//but their e-mail is avilable

Rohit Verma , Ashish Shankar , Murali Haran ;
Vishwarupe Narain , Aditya Gilra , Shubrendu Koche ;
Nitin Dhawan , Amit Nagpal , Robin Bansal ;
Aseem Agrawal , Arun Biswas , Madhvi;
Priyank Agrawal , Shubham , Sumit Luthra ;


//Members who are not present in the snap

Ankur Kapoor , Ashwini Sharma ;
Ashwini Kumar , Rajeev Bector ;


//This function allows you to update your profile

void XII-I::Update(Web Address *)


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Courtsey : Amitav Ranjan Singh